Post-n-Hire Frequently Asked Questions
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Hot Job

What is a Hot job?

Hot Job is a paid job where we promise that we help you hire at least one candidate. Once you post your job, our RPE (Relevant Profiles Extractor) algorithm will fetch you 100 hot profiles instantly based on your job criteria. Hot profiles are those candidates who are interested in your job and which are filtered based on several criteria. Additionally, we market every Hot Job across several mediums like Linkedin, Glassdoor and hence your job gets maximum applications.

How can I post a job?

If you are new to our portal then, you can be able to post a job by clicking on any link which says “post a job” on If you are an existing customer then you can post a job as mentioned earlier or else login to your employer’s account and click on “Post a job” on your dashboard.

How can I differentiate free jobs, Featured Jobs and hot jobs in the dashboard?

In the dashboard, you will find Featured Jobs with 'P' symbol and hot jobs with 'H' symbol.

Can I post a job for free?

Yes, you can. We allow unlimited free job posting. Please note, duplicate jobs and spam jobs will not be made live

Can I first post a free job and later make it a Hot job?

Yes. Please note, it takes 24-48 hours to make a free job live. With the free job, you can view up to 5 contacts out of all the applications your job would receive and you will not be able to access 100 hot profiles. You can later upgrade to Hot Job but better you always post Hot Job to save your time and reduce effort so that it will help you hire quickly.

Do I need to pay additionally for 100 hot profiles or it is included in Hot job post?

It is included in the package. 100 Hot profiles are the complimentary profiles along with every Hot Job post.

How many candidates will turn up upon posting the Hot job?

Our hot job package standards are designed to get you 100 complimentary Hot profiles for every Hot Job post. To be true, you can close your job vacancies just by processing 100 Hot profiles. In addition to that, your job will be marketed to 2000 eligible candidates to get you maximum applications. Hence, your job will get up to 100 or more responses apart from 100 Hot profiles.
RPE (Relevant Profiles Extractor)

What is RPE?

RPE (Relevant Profiles Extractor) is a state-of-the-art algorithm which intelligently picks most relevant profiles based on your Job criteria. The profiles extracted out of RPE are those candidates who are most interested/probable candidates for your Job.

RPE is a new age technology which is based on Machine Learning concept. RPE keeps a track on Job seekers activities like their Recent Job applications, Call Letter accepted, Type of Interviews attended, Activeness in Job search, and their profile updates like Preferred Job roles, Qualification, Preferred Job Location and Sub-Location.

Whenever you post a Job or feed your requirement, RPE starts matching your Job requirements with Job seekers profiles. RPE quickly categorizes and sorts most relevant candidates out of our huge fresher database. Hence those sorted profiles are nothing but Hot Profiles. Every Job Posting instantly gets 100 Hot Profiles. So with RPE, one need not wait for Job applications to come in, by posting Hot Job you can immediately access Hot Profiles and start interviewing them.

I have posted a Hot Job (Paid Job). Do I need to pay additionally for 100 Hot profiles?

No. It's included in the package, you can go to the Hot Profiles Tab and start accessing your 100 Hot Profiles.

Can I download Hot Profiles immediately and start calling those candidates?

Yes. As soon as you post your Hot Job 100 Hot profiles will be ready for immediate download.

What is unique about posting a Job on

Your Hiring Process starts as soon as you post your Job i.e you don't need to wait for Job applications to come in, you can immediately access 100 Hot Profiles and can call them for Interview. But in other Job posting websites, you need to wait for a minimum of 2-3 days to receive enough Job applications after posting a Job.

I have edited my Job, will the 100 Hot Profiles be relevant to the new parameters?

Yes, definitely. The RPE is a machine learning algorithm, which accurately predicts the 100 Hot profiles based on the latest updated job requirement.
Registration / Account Utilization

What makes Post-n-Hire different from other recruitment platform?

Post-n-Hire is the first of its kind fully automated online fresher’s recruitment platform which enables employers/recruiter to manage their end-to-end job drive from a single platform by providing :
  • A vast fresher’s database to search from (3.5 Million candidates across India)
  • Job Posting to manage Job Responses for a posted Job
  • Search fresher candidates based on various parameters like qualification, year of pass-out, skill set, college etc.
  • Search candidates from India’s Premier colleges like IIT, IIIT, NIT, Top 100 Engineering colleges and IIM’s etc.
  • Send Job drive Admit card based on a number of candidates you want to line up for a particular job drive
  • Send SMS to candidates for a better turnout for Job Drive.
  • Know in advance the number of expected candidates for the Job drive and make changes accordingly
  • Search and save resumes for present and future job drives
  • Regular candidate alerts based on skill set and qualifications
  • Reaching out to candidates via E-mail / SMS
  • Downloading the candidates details in Excel and share with your clients (if you are consultants)
  • Find the copied admit card from someone via RFID tracker

What are the different subscription packages available for Post-n-Hire? Which one should I buy?

Post-n-Hire is presently available with multiple subscription packages, one for each need. Please check in a given below link. For customized requirements, please contact us at: or call us at: 8095335577.

Where can I see the usage of my account?

You can see the usage of your account on Dashboard (Click here to see the snapshot)

What is Employer Dashboard?

Employer Dashboard is a Dashboard which provides an overall view of the Employer’s account about the Recent Job Postings by Employer, recently saved search (hiring folders), Account Utilization status.
Click here to see the Employer Dashboard snapshot
Posting a Job & Managing Jobs

Can I select Multiple Job Locations while posting a Job?

Yes, you can select Multiple Job Locations while posting a job by selecting all the available options with a check box provided beside each location.

How can I contact candidates from Post-n-Hire?

You can contact candidates from Post-n-Hire via
  • Sending E-mail/SMS
  • The candidates contact details in Excel

What is Response Manager?

Response Manager is a specific section in the Post-n-Hire that enables the employers/recruiters to manage his Job responses from candidates (candidates who had applied for the job). 
Using Response Manager you can track applicants, download the contacts and send call letters to them and see how many candidates will be attending the Job Drive.

Once I posted a Job for how long my job will remain on

All jobs remain active on website until the last date of Job application as given by you while posting a job.

Can I print a resume of a candidate?

Yes, to print a resume, you have to click on the FWID link of the candidate and once his Global Resume is open, you can see the button called “Print”, you can click on this print option to take a Print out of candidate resume.

How long will it take for my job to get live on website?

It takes close to 30 minutes after the job is approved by the admin to come live on website.

Can I re-post the same job again on the using existing expired Job?

Yes, you can repost the same job with all new content or editing the content from Manage Job Postings/Responses by clicking on Edit link in the section. Please refrain from posting the same requirement as multiple jobs, as they will be rejected.

What happens to my job once their last date is over?

Once the Job last date is over the job posting will expire and will not be visible to candidates to apply.

Can I edit the already Posted Job? If Yes, How can I do that?

Yes, you can edit the already posted Job by following the below steps
  • Login into your employer account
  • Click on the responses against the job you have posted
  • Click on Edit button beside the job id(a small pencil like icon)

How do I remove my job from your site?

To remove the posted Job on our website, you can follow the below steps
  • Login into your employer account
  • Go to “Manage Job Postings/Responses” section under Job Post
  • In this section you can listing of Jobs, select the specific job(s) and click on Delete link on it. Once clicked on Delete button, your Job will be removed from the website.

How do I view the Job responses received for the job that I’ve posted?

To see the Responses for the Posted Job, please follow the below steps
  • Login into your employer account
  • Click on Response(s) number link against the job you have posted and you will be able to see the candidates who have applied for the job posting

Can I view jobs that are expired from the site?

Yes, you can view all the jobs which are expired in the Manage job postings/responses section under Job Post Tab.
Call Letters

How can I send call letters to selected candidates?

Please find the Send call letter button in Response manager. Select the candidates and then click on Send call letter button.

How many call letters I can send for my job?

With a free job you can send 10 call letters. With Hot job you can send upto 150 call letters.

Can I use my own mail format/template to send call letter?

No. You have to use our standard format which retrieves the job details automatically from the job details and the details provided by you while creating the call letters. You can preview the call letter before you send it to candidates.

Can I use the same template that I created and used previously for sending call letter?

Yes. You can find the previously used call letter templates, in select call letter template option.

What is a Questionnaire and how do I use it?

First round with candidates takes up a lot of time and this time can be utilized to sort out better candidates by just putting a questionnaire for your job. Ask the right questions and evaluate candidates even before meeting them.

When can I create or add Questionnaire to my job?

You can create or add questionnaire while posting your job itself. In case you have skipped questionnaire while posting the job, you can still add questionnaire later or anytime by editing the job from your Response manager.

Is Questionnaire Mandatory?

No. But you can filter candidates in a better way by using a questionnaire

What type of questions should I add?

While each job has certain unique requirements we feel that the below mentioned questions apply to all types of job-
  • How would you rate your English communication?
  • If offered the role how soon can you join?
  • Can you attend interview in 1 week (changes according to urgency) time?
  • Do you accept the salary offered?
  • Are you ok with the job location?

Can I see the Answers of Candidates who attended the Questionnaire?

Yes. You can see the answers of each and every candidate who have attended the questionnaire. Please find the Questionnaire result tab in your Response manager for that particular job.
Database Search

How can I start searching for Resume?

Post-n-Hire enables employers/recruiter search over 3.5 million fresh candidate’s details (experience from 0-2 years). Resume search is available in three options based on
  • Quick search
  • Resume search based on skill set
  • Resume search based on campus with candidates from across India.
Once you subscribe for Post-n-Hire service you will be able to access candidate’s details and hire them for as per your needs.  To perform resume search you will need to login using your employer account. Please follow the given step to start searching for resumes in database
Step 1: Login in your employer account
Step 2: Go to resume search Tab and you can see 3 search options available like Quick search, Skill Based Search and Campus Search
Step 3: Click on a specific search option from above 3 search and select the search criteria
Step 4: Once search criteria is selected click on search button to see the resume search results

What are the three resume search modes available?

Resume search is available in three modes

Quick Resume Search – Quick resume search enables you to search the candidates quickly from database based on basic search parameters like highest qualification, year of passout, marks, current location and candidate activation date on website. Click here to see the snapshot.

Skill Based Search – Skill based resume search enables you to search the candidates based on skill set knowledge on various domain like VB, C, C++, Java etc. This knowledge can be from academic or learnt from any training institute and some work experience in same domain knowledge and rest of the search parameter will be the same as quick resume search. Click here to see the snapshot.

Campus Based Search - Campus based resume search enables you to search the candidates based on a specific college or colleges based on states as well as from a top Premier Institutes like IIT, IIIT, NIT and IIM etc. and rest of the search parameter will be the same as quick resume search. Click here to see the snapshot.

How can I see the candidates contact details?

To view the contact details of candidate, you need to subscribe to paid package of Post-n-Hire. To buy the paid package, click on below link

Want custom package? Contact our sales Manager at: or call at: 8095335577

How can I download the search results?

You can download the search results by adding your search result to a folder and then select the download button.

How can I contact Freshersworld team?

If you have any query, Please Call us on 8095335577 or you can mail us at

Can I have direct walk-in for candidates to my location?

Yes we help with walk-ins but at an additional cost. Please connect with us on for your walk-in requirement.

How to get more applicants?

  • Offer a competitive salary - Look up average salaries in the market and offer accordingly.
  • Write a strong job description - Proper Job descriptions get 3x more candidates on average. Be sure to include key details, such as incentives, language requirements and timings.
  • Add a logo - Jobs with a logo stand out on our search page and add to the credibility of your job

How to reach candidates and get them to show up for interviews?

How to reach candidates
  • Call quickly - Call back candidates with 48 hours. Candidates are actively looking for jobs - the faster you reach them, the more likely they’ll pick up!
  • Call smartly - Call candidates between 12pm-2pm and after working hours for best results.
How to get candidates to show up for interviews

Make a good first impression

Remember, applicants are applying to multiple jobs - you need to convince them that yours is worth considering.

Remind candidates via phone calls

Call candidates a day before and the morning for the interview. If you are the CEO or hiring manager, instead introduce yourself as you as an employee of the organisation. Candidates will be more comfortable asking you questions and giving you candid feedback.

If I don't get responses, do I get refund of my money?

Yes, while we ensure that your requirement is fulfilled and we have enough responses for your job opening if by chance you don't get enough responses then we will refund your amount. Conditions Apply.
Candidate FAQ