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When you send out your direct mail – you can make sure that it is highly targeted. Simply knowing where a person lives can tell you a lot about things such as income, possible interests, etc. Be sure to do your homework before sending out your campaign as you can never have too much information on your customers.
Cold calling is one of the hardest tactics to master when you are trying to make a sale. It can take 100 no’s before you actually land an appointment – sometimes even more.The good news is that when you send a mailer and follow up on it, you will no longer be cold calling; you will simply be following up. This means that the call will be much more warm and friendly.
For most small businesses, a number of their potential customers are not computer and internet savvy. Direct Mail Marketing helps reach that segment which is not likely to find your business or learn about your products on the internet. And even if most customers were using the internet, just by building a website you cannot make sure that they will frequently visit the site and purchase from it. Direct mail will end up in the hands of the people that you select and the communication will be tailored to them.

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Bulk Email Marketing Services: Direct & High Response Mailer Campaign

Get 100% spam free, cost effective direct email marketing services across India through Freshersworld, one of the best effective and profitable ways to reach out new and existing audience. We do bulk mailer campaign by using our best delivery methods to increase response rates and avoid wastages like spamming using effective templates (clear message and a strong call to action) and targeting the right audience from our email database list, based on geographic location, interest & education qualification. Our Email marketing produces a high response level of 0.8% to 2% (Click rate) & mailer campaign open rate is between 12% to 14%, higher the click & open rate, more responses for your business. Through our online email marketing services we generate leads,do follow ups, manage subscribers, track email response & results based on your requirement.